Not something you have to do everyday is it, so let’s sort out a few of the common misconceptions first. You do NOT have to use the one that your family have “always”used, many local family run firms have now been taken over by large conglomerates but, still use the original firm’s name and premises.  […]

History states that under normal circumstances we arrange on average 4 funerals in our lives.  We get no formal training to do this, and very often we get totally misleading advice from various different sources.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that “You can’t do anything until you have registered the death’, this is totally […]

What is a family funeral? This question came about when I was asked why we chose to call our company Mead Family Funerals.  It set me thinking exactly that, what is a family funeral? For Karen and I what we do is all about looking after our families, whether it is the loved one that […]